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variables_common.inc File Reference

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const PHP_DIR (isset($_SERVER['CONFIG_FILE'])) "/usr/share/php"
 php library path
const PEAR_DIR "/usr/share/php"
 php pear path More...
const FPDF "/usr/share/php/fpdf/fpdf.php"
 fpdf library path More...
const FPDF_FONTPATH "/usr/share/php/fpdf/font/"
 Global FPDF FONT define. More...
const FD_VERSION "1.2.2"
 FusionDirectory Version. More...
const CONFIGRDN "cn=config,ou=fusiondirectory,"
 FusionDirectory config object RDN. More...
const PHP_MIN_VERSION "5.4.0"
 Minimum PHP¬†version. More...
 Toggle crashing on PHP error, used for test suites.

Detailed Description

Define common locations and variables

Definition in file variables_common.inc.

Variable Documentation

const CONFIGRDN "cn=config,ou=fusiondirectory,"

FusionDirectory config object RDN.

Define FusionDirectory version

Definition at line 71 of file variables_common.inc.

const FD_VERSION "1.2.2"

FusionDirectory Version.

Define fpdf font path

Definition at line 66 of file variables_common.inc.

Referenced by clean_smarty_compile_dir(), and gosaRaiseError().

const FPDF "/usr/share/php/fpdf/fpdf.php"

fpdf library path

Define PEAR directory

Definition at line 56 of file variables_common.inc.

const FPDF_FONTPATH "/usr/share/php/fpdf/font/"

Global FPDF FONT define.

Define fpdf library path

Definition at line 61 of file variables_common.inc.

const PEAR_DIR "/usr/share/php"

php pear path

Define php directory

Definition at line 51 of file variables_common.inc.

const PHP_MIN_VERSION "5.4.0"

Minimum PHP version.

Define FusionDirectory config object

Definition at line 76 of file variables_common.inc.