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userGroupSelect Class Reference
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- Public Member Functions inherited from simpleManagement
 setFilter ($filter)
 Set a new filter. More...
 registerAction ($action, $target)
 Every click in the list user interface sends an event here can we connect those events to a method. eg. see simpleManagement::registerEvent('new','createUser') When the action/event new is send, the method 'createUser' will be called.
 execute ()
 Execute this plugin Handle actions/events, locking, snapshots, dialogs, tabs,...
 newEntry ($action, array $target, array $all)
 This method intiates the object creation. More...
 editEntry ($action, array $target, array $all)
 This method opens an existing object or a list of existing objects to be edited. More...
 detectPostActions ()
 Detects actions/events send by the ui and the corresponding targets.
 handleActions ($action)
 Calls the registered method for a given action/event.
 closeDialogs ()
 This method closes dialogs and cleans up the cached object info and the ui.
 remove_lock ()
 Removes ldap object locks created by this class. Whenever an object is edited, we create locks to avoid concurrent modifications. This locks will automatically removed here.
 createSnapshotDialog ($action, array $target)
 Opens the snapshot creation dialog for the given target. More...
 restoreSnapshotDialog ($action, array $target)
 Displays the "Restore snapshot dialog" for a given target. If no target is specified, open the restore removed object dialog. More...
 copyPasteHandler ($action= '', array $target=array(), array $all=array())
 This method is used to queue and process copy&paste actions. Allows to copy, cut and paste mutliple entries at once. More...
 createSnapshot ($dn, $description)
 Creates a new snapshot entry.
 restoreSnapshot ($dn)
 Restores a snapshot object. More...
 getAllDeletedSnapshots ()
 Get all deleted snapshots. More...
 removeSnapshot ($dn)
 Delete a snapshot. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from simpleManagement
 getHeader ()
 Generates the plugin header which is displayed whenever a tab object is opened.
 _getTabFooter ()
 Generates the footer which is used whenever a tab object is displayed.
 saveChanges ()
 Save object modifications and closes dialogs (returns to object listing). More...
 applyChanges ()
 Save object modifications and keep dialogs opened.
 cancelEdit ()
 Editing an object was caneled. Close dialogs/tabs and remove locks.
 removeEntryRequested ($action, array $target, array $all)
 Queue selected objects to be removed. Checks ACLs, Locks and ask for confirmation.

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