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passwordMethodClear Class Reference

This class contains all the functions for clear password methods. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 passwordMethodClear Constructor
 is_available ()
 Is available. More...
 generate_hash ($pwd)
 Generate template hash. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from passwordMethod
 __construct ($dn= '', $userTab=NULL)
 Password method contructor. More...
 need_password ()
 If we need password. More...
 is_locked ($dn="")
 Is locked. More...
 lock_account ($dn="")
 Locks an account by adding a '!' as prefix to the password hashes. This makes login impossible, due to the fact that the hash becomes invalid. userPassword: {SHA}!q02NKl9IChNwZEAJxzRdmB6E sambaLMPassword: !EBD223B61F8C259AD3B435B51404EE sambaNTPassword: !98BB35737013AAF181D0FE9FDA09E. More...
 unlock_account ($dn="")
 Unlocks an account which was locked by 'lock_account()'. For details about the locking mechanism see 'lock_account()'.
 get_description ()
 Get desciption.
 remove_from_parent ()
 Method to let password backends remove additional information besides the userPassword attribute.
 checkPassword ($pwd, $hash)
 Method to check if a password matches a hash.
 is_configurable ()
 Return true if this password method provides a configuration dialog.
 configure ()
 Provide a subdialog to configure a password method.
 save ($dn)
 Save information to LDAP. More...
 set_hash ($hash)
 Set a hash. More...
 get_hash ()
 Get a hash.

Static Public Member Functions

static get_hash_name ()
 Get the hash name.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from passwordMethod
static get_hash_name ()
 Get the Hash name.
static get_available_methods ()
 This function returns all loaded classes for password encryption.
static get_method ($password_hash, $dn="")
 Try to find out if it's our hash... More...
static _extract_method ($classname, $password_hash)
 Extract a method. More...
static make_hash ($password, $hash)
 Make a hash. More...
static is_harmless ($password)
 Test for problematic unicode caracters in password This can be activated with the keyword strictPasswordRules in the fusiondirectory.conf. More...

Detailed Description

This class contains all the functions for clear password methods.

See also

Definition at line 32 of file class_password-methods-clear.inc.

Member Function Documentation

generate_hash (   $pwd)

Generate template hash.


Definition at line 58 of file class_password-methods-clear.inc.

is_available ( )

Is available.


Definition at line 48 of file class_password-methods-clear.inc.

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