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StringAttribute Class Reference

This class allow to handle easily a String LDAP attribute. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($label, $description, $ldapName, $required=FALSE, $defaultValue="", $acl="", $regexp="", $example=NULL)
 The constructor of StringAttribute. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Attribute
 __construct ($label, $description, $ldapName, $required=FALSE, $defaultValue="", $acl="")
 The constructor of Attribute. More...
 setParent (&$plugin)
 Set the parent plugin for this attribute. More...
 setPostValue ($value)
 Set the postValue.
 fixPostValue ($value)
 In case a treatment is needed on POST content.
 resetToDefault ()
 Reset this attribute to its default value.
 loadValue ($attrs)
 If in LDAP, loads this attribute value from the attrs array.
 inputValue ($ldapValue)
 Return the ldap value in the correct intern format value. More...
 setManagedAttributes ($mAttributes)
 Set a list of attributes that are managed by this attributes. See FusionDirectory wiki for detailed documentation.
 loadPostValue ()
 Update this attributes postValue depending of the $_POST values.
 applyPostValue ()
 Apply this attribute postValue in value if this attribute is enabled.
 computeLdapValue ()
 Computes LDAP value.
 fillLdapValue (&$attrs)
 Fill LDAP value in the attrs array.
 fillLdapValueHook (&$attrs)
 Post-modify the attrs array if needed (used for erasing managed attributes)
 check ()
 Check the correctness of this attribute.
 renderAttribute (&$attributes, $readOnly)
 Render this attribute form input(s) More...
 serializeAttribute (&$attributes, $form=TRUE)
 Serialize this attribute for RPC requests. More...
 deserializeValue ($values)
 Apply value from RPC requests. More...
 renderAcl ($display)
 Add ACL information around display. More...
 getAclInfo ()
 Get ACL information about the ACL we need to create.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Attribute
 loadAttrValue ($attrs)
 Loads this attribute value from the attrs array.

Detailed Description

This class allow to handle easily a String LDAP attribute.

Definition at line 24 of file class_StringAttribute.inc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $label,
  $required = FALSE,
  $defaultValue = "",
  $acl = "",
  $regexp = "",
  $example = NULL 

The constructor of StringAttribute.

string$labelThe label to show for this attribute
string$descriptionA more detailed description for the attribute
string$ldapNameThe name of the attribute in the LDAP (If it's not in the ldap, still provide a unique name)
boolean$requiredIs this attribute mandatory or not
mixed$defaultValueThe default value for this attribute
string$aclThe name of the acl for this attribute if he does not use its own. (Leave empty if he should use its own like most attributes do)
string$regexpA regular expression that should be matched by the value of this attribute in order for it to be considered valid. Will be used as a PHP regexp and as an html5 input pattern.

Definition at line 41 of file class_StringAttribute.inc.

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