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SnapshotRestoreDialog Class Reference
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- Public Member Functions inherited from simplePlugin
 __construct ($dn=NULL, $object=NULL, $parent=NULL, $mainTab=FALSE, $attributesInfo=NULL)
 constructor More...
 getObjectClassFilter ()
 This function returns an LDAP filter for this plugin object classes.
 __get ($name)
 This function allows to use the syntax $plugin->attributeName to get attributes values. More...
 __set ($name, $value)
 This function allows to use the syntax $plugin->attributeName to set attributes values. More...
 __isset ($name)
 This function allows to use the syntax isset($plugin->attributeName) More...
 compute_dn ()
 This function returns the dn this object should have.
 get_allowed_bases ()
 Returns a list of all available departments for this object. More...
 set_acl_base ($base)
 Set acl base. More...
 set_acl_category ($category)
 Set acl category. More...
 move ($src_dn, $dst_dn)
 Move ldap entries from one place to another. More...
 readOnly ()
 Indicates if this object is opened as read-only (because of locks)
 execute ()
 This function display the plugin and return the html code.
 show_header ($button_text, $text, $plugin_enabled, $button_disabled=FALSE, $name= 'modify_state')
 Show header message for tab dialogs. More...
 attrIsWriteable ($attr)
 Check if logged in user have enough right to write this attribute value. More...
 openDialog ($dialog)
 This function allows you to open a dialog. More...
 closeDialog ()
 This function closes the dialog.
 acl_is_writeable ($attribute, $skipWrite=FALSE)
 Can we write the attribute.
 acl_is_readable ($attribute)
 Can we read the acl. More...
 acl_is_createable ($base=NULL)
 Can we create the object. More...
 acl_is_removeable ($base=NULL)
 Can we delete the object. More...
 acl_is_moveable ($base=NULL)
 Can we move the object. More...
 aclGetPermissions ($attribute= '0', $base=NULL, $skipWrite=FALSE)
 Get the acl permissions for an attribute or the plugin itself.
 remove_from_parent ()
 This function removes the object from LDAP.
 save_object ()
 This function handle $_POST informations.
 cleanup ()
 Remove attributes, empty arrays, arrays single attributes that do not differ.
 save ()
 This function saves the object in the LDAP.
 handle_post_events ($mode, array $addAttrs=array())
 Forward command execution requests to the post hook execution method.
 handle_pre_events ($mode, array $addAttrs=array())
 Forward command execution requests to the pre hook execution method.
 callHook ($cmd, array $addAttrs=array(), &$returnOutput=array(), &$returnCode=NULL)
 Calls external hooks which are defined for this plugin (fusiondirectory.conf) Replaces placeholder by class values of this plugin instance. Allows to a add special replacements.
 check ()
 This function checks the attributes values and yell if something is wrong.
 create_unique_dn ($attribute, $base)
 Create unique DN. More...
 resetCopyInfos ()
 This function is called on the copied object to set its dn to where it will be saved.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from simplePlugin
static plInfo ()
 Return plugin informations for acl handling. More...
static generatePlProvidedAcls ($attributesInfo)
 This function generate the needed ACLs for a given attribtues array. More...
static mainInc ($classname, $entry_dn, $tabs=FALSE, $edit_mode=TRUE, $objectType=FALSE)
 This function is the needed main.inc for plugins that are not used inside a management class. More...
- Data Fields inherited from simplePlugin
 This attribute store all information about attributes.
 $attributesAccess = array()
 This attribute store references toward attributes. More...
 $is_account = FALSE
 Mark plugin as account. More...
 $dn = ''
 dn of the opened object
 $orig_dn = ''
 original dn of the opened object
 $parent = NULL
 Reference to parent object. More...
 $is_template = FALSE
 Mark plugin as template. More...
 $attrs = array()
 Represent temporary LDAP data. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from simplePlugin
 post_save ()
 This function is called after LDAP save to do some post operations and logging. More...
 handle_hooks ($when, $mode, array $addAttrs=array())
 Forward command execution requests to the pre/post hook execution method. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from simplePlugin
 $objectclasses = array()
 The objectClasses set by this tab.
 $saved_attributes = array()
 The state of the attributes when we opened the object.
 $displayHeader = FALSE
 Do we want a header allowing to able/disable this plugin.
 $mainTab = FALSE
 Is this plugin the main tab, the one that handle the object itself.
 $needEditMode = FALSE
 Are we executed in a edit-mode environment? (this is FALSE if we're called from management, TRUE if we're called from a main.inc)
 $preInitAttributes = array()
 Attributes that needs to be initialized before the others.
 $inheritance = FALSE
 FALSE to disable inheritance. Array like array ('objectClass' => 'attribute') to specify oc of the groups it might be inherited from.
 $read_only = FALSE
 Used when the entry is opened as "readonly" due to locks.
 Last LDAP error (used by logging calls from post_* methods)
 $entryCSN = ''
 Object entry CSN. More...

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